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About this site

Founded in 2010 by Marc Crouch (founder of Firedrop), we are a dating and community site dedicated to redheads, gingers, auburns, strawberry blondes and everything in between. But it's not just about red-on-red action, we also strongly encourage people who happen to love red hair to sign up and find their perfect ginger partner.

Why ginger?

Redheads are a rare and special type of people who, according to some scientific reports, are actually dying out as a breed. But regardless of that, there's something special about redheads that makes them extra appealing. As human beings we react to colour, and in the world of colour red represents intensity, heat, passion and sexuality.

Whatever the reason, we believe red hair is beautiful and deserves a community all of its own. By assembling the UK's most gorgeous single redheads into one place, we have given you the platform to explore the magic of the mutated MC1R gene for yourself, and hopefully discover just how great ginger love can be.

More questions? Check out our FAQ or get in touch with us if the FAQ doesn't give you what you need.

Who runs this site?

HotForGinger was founded by Marc Crouch, a natural redhead from London with over 35 years' experience of life as a ginger. An internet entrepreneur by trade, the ginger cause is very close to his heart which is why this site has a special meaning for him.

Our pro-ginger message

As well as putting people in touch with gorgeous redheads, we are also here to promote positivity towards red hair and generally fly the ginger flag. We do this in a number of ways, such as maintaining an active blog in which we highlight and comment on ginger-related issues, and endorsements of particular products, events and organisations which we feel are beneficial to the ginger population.

Whilst there is a serious message underlying our pro-ginger activities, we always keep a sense of humour about us and try to deliver our message in a light-hearted way wherever possible.