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Marc Crouch

Marc is the founder of HotForGinger, and a natural redhead since birth. Well, since he had hair at least.

It's time to stop giving anti-ginger abuse a pass. It's discrimination, and it hurts a lot of people.

My name is Marc Crouch. In August 2010 I set up a website called Hot For Ginger, where this article is published. The purpose of this website was - and still is - twofold: to put redheads in touch... Read more

Why we should embrace the so-called "fake" redheads

A few years ago I lived in Thailand for a while which, as a natural ginger with all associated aversions to direct sunlight, was a pretty edgy undertaking. Miraculously, however, I managed to... Read more

Why is it strange for redheads to date each other?

A couple of years ago I met a girl in a club. It was towards the end of the evening, it was dark, but she was obviously very pretty and seemed like good fun. So we exchanged numbers, I waited the... Read more

Rebekah Brooks: Ginger of the Week

As far as high profile redheads are concerned, Rebekah Brooks has really set the bar high this week. Not only is she one of the most powerful and influential individuals in the country at the... Read more

Notre Jour Viendra (Our Day Will Come), a controversial ginger-themed movie from Romain Gavras

Romain Gavras made a splash in the ginger world with his controversial music video for M.I.A., in which he depicted redheads being rounded up and murdered. As it turned out, his interest in ginger... Read more

Catherine Tate's brilliant satire ponders the parallels between gingerism and racism

There are a handful of ginger comedians who mine the gingerist canon phenomenally well, and Catherine Tate is right up there with the best of them. In her brilliant series The Catherine Tate... Read more

Moral of the story... don't mess with ginger kids?

Here's an entertaining little video involving two kids (both ginger, which confuses the issue) fighting each other because one called the other "ginger". Clearly made as just a bit of fun, but as... Read more

Secret camera catches people's reactions to gingers being bullied

We all know that ginger abuse is a real and present issue in schools. I don't know a single redhead who hasn't been subjected to some level of teasing and/or bullying in their youth (myself... Read more

Blowing up redheads: M.I.A. - "Born Free" and its shock tactics

Controversy alert! M.I.A’s video for their single “Born Free” has caused quite a stir for reasons which will become apparent once you watch the video. So before we proceed, have a look... Read more

Which redhead stereotype are you?

Genius satirical article on about redheads. Tongue in cheek, of course. I'm not entirely sure which category of redhead I fit into, especially as I looked like Chucky when I was a... Read more