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Matt Curtis

9 of the most famous redheads

There have been thousands of famous redheads in the history of the world, each known for their own achievements. Just to highlight a few, here are 7 of the most famous redheads that we can’t get... Read more

Your Favorite Part about Being a Redhead

We’ve written a lot about how great it is to be or be with a redhead but, like we’ve told you before, we’re a bit biased. Just to send any of your doubts up in flames check out Irish... Read more

Gingers Lit up London at Redhead Day UK

This last weekend Gingers came together in London to bring a little extra red to the city streets and festivals. Redhead Day UK was on the 17th and the turnout was spectacular! We loved seeing... Read more

HotForGinger to announce new project at Redhead Day UK

You might’ve heard, in the days leading up to Redhead Day UK, that we have an exciting announcement to make during the event. We wanted to give our faithful blog followers a sneak peak of... Read more

The US Celebrates Redheads While the UK Prepares

Since the beginning of the year we’ve mentioned a lot of redhead festivals across the world and recently we’ve seen another great one showing up in Dunbar, West Virginia. Like many other... Read more

Ireland is Turning up the Heat!

Last weekend marked a great occasion for what many people think is the biggest redhead country in the world. Ireland hosted its seventh annual redhead festival in Crosshaven, Cork, they’ve got a... Read more