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Assaulted for being ginger


Our blog aims to highlight all things good, bad and entertaining from the world of ginger.
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7 Struggles Every Ginger Goes Through

We are special, ok?!  We are 2% of the population, for God’s sake! So basically we can’t get more unique. But as we all know, being special is not always the most amazing thing ever. Any Read more

5 Unrealistic Expectations in a Relationship

In the modern world you often see love twisted into strange scenarios created by Hollywood. The truth is relationships don’t often take on the perfect scenarios we often see in movies but that’s n Read more

Redhead Day UK 2018

May 19th is party time for redheads... and we are not referring to the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It's May which means one thing - Redhead Day UK is about to throw a massi Read more

St Patrick's Day and Redheads

St Patrick's Day celebrations are about to turn this weekend green. On the 17th March we celebrate Saint Patrick the Patron of Ireland according to Wikipedia, though in reality, we are celebrating r Read more

10 Redhead Men That Will Make Your Heart Weak

We all have a guilty pleasure when it comes to ginger men, so we thought we will add to your list. Here are 10 of our favourite stunning redheaded men. Read more

5 Successful Redheads in 2017

2017 has been a fantastic year for us gingers. We may only be 2% of the world’s population but we are able to dominate the headlines in so many things. We are on the world stage as members of Read more

It's time to stop giving anti-ginger abuse a pass. It's discrimination, and it hurts a lot of people.

My name is Marc Crouch. In August 2010 I set up a website called Hot For Ginger, where this article is published. The purpose of this website was - and still is - twofold: to put redheads in touch wit Read more

7 Actresses That Are Red Hair Addicts

Some actresses are famous for their natural red hair, and made a career for themselves because of it. Others have made their careers for having red hair that is actually dyed in, often without most p Read more

Redheads : 5 Colors You Look Sexy in!

Gingers natural or not will always look absolutely amazing in some specific colors. So if you have a hot date or a special event you want to go to and you are kinda stuck, well here are few ideas to h Read more

International Kiss A Ginger Day 2018

January 12th is just around the corner and that can only mean one thing: International Kiss A Ginger Day is back! So get your party shoes on again because we're going to celebrate in style. This Read more