International Kiss A Ginger Day

International Kiss A Ginger Day - January 12th 2012

Today is (semi-)officially International Kiss A Ginger Day, which means every ginger person you come across today you must grab and plant a loving kiss onto immediately.

Kiss A Ginger Day was started in 2009 by Derek Forgie as a Facebook group intended as a “karmic counter-event” to the November 2008 creation of a Kick A Ginger campaign, also on Facebook. The latter resulted in numerous ginger kids being assaulted at school, stirring international outrage and condemnation. In response, Derek decided to dedicate January 12th to a much more peace-loving activity aimed towards gingers.

Now in its 4th year, we obviously firmly support Kiss A Ginger Day and encourage anybody reading this to go forth and spread some ginger love.

For more information about Kiss A Ginger Day, visit the original Facebook page. Then go out and kiss some gingers!


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