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Love Ginger

Building a pro-ginger world

There's a lot of love for gingers in the world, but a lot of it goes unnoticed. Fair enough, we only make up about 1% of the population, which leads to good and bad outcomes for us in the wider society. On this page we highlight some of the causes and organisations that directly or indirectly encourage positive treatment of redheads. Please note: we do not have affiliations with any of these organisations. We simply support what they do and feel they deserve to be showcased.

Roodharigen is an annual event gathering thousands of redheads into one place in the Netherlands to celebrate the joy of ginger hair. It has been going for 6 years and last year attracted over 5,000 redheads, as well as plenty of press attention. It is the single largest generator of positive publicity around headheads in the world.

International Kiss A Ginger DayInternational Kiss A Ginger Day is a Facebook group set up in response to the awful Kick A Ginger group back in 2008. The premise is simple: every year, January 12th is the day when ginger love is mandatory, and everybody should administer a kiss to gingers on sight. Put a note in your diary!