10 Redhead Men That Will Make Your Heart Weak

  ·  5th March 2018

We all have a guilty pleasure when it comes to ginger men, so we thought we will add to your list. Here are 10 of our favourite stunning redheaded men.


Rupert Grint

Last but not least is our childhood guilty pleasure, Mr Ron Weasly aka Rupert Grint. The Harry Potter star got our knees weak with his really cool look, we do love you, Rupert!


Kenneth Bek

Let’s keep calm everyone, we know the guy is breathtaking. Ken is a model and was the cover for the RedHot 100 calendar. Let’s just enjoy him!


Seth Green

He will make you smile and fall in love at the same time. The comedian, actor and Primetime Emmy winner Seth Green is known for his part in ”Family Guy” as Chris Griffin and he always stands out in a crowd!


Domhnall Gleeson

The ”Star Wars” Irish actor and writer always captured our attention.  There’s just something about him, perhaps the combo of green eyes and red hair. Whatever it is, we have a huge crush on him!


Damien Lewis

Now, this is the perfect combination of a sexy British bad boy and hot redhead. We do love a good example of the fiery ginger stereotype and Damien never fails to deliver. Ok, I need a cold shower now!


Kevin Mckidd

He was first spotted in Trainspotting as Tommy and then this sexy redhead doctor started starring in Grey’s Anatomy. The British actor definitely would diagnose us with a weakness towards ginger sexy doctors!


Rob Kazinsky

Please meet the True Blood star Rob Kazinsky, the sexy vampire who makes our blood race. A reflection of a true ginger stereotype, he is the most frequently naked character True Blood had over the course of one season. Oh, how we love True Blood!


Ewan McGregor

The Scottish actor is very well known for his role in Star Wars and he is unmissable when it comes to ginger heartthrob crushes!


Ed Sheeran

We simply can’t avoid the amazing Ed Sheeran on this countdown. The ”Perfect” singer got engaged to long-time girlfriend Cherry Seaborn and we couldn’t be more excited for them. Yet another loss ladies, all the ginger guys are getting married this year it seems!


Prince Harry

The Royal Prince is our weak spot in this countdown of beautiful ginger men. He is getting ready to marry Meghan Markle this year and we can’t handle it, the couple looks extremely happy which makes him even more handsome!

Redhead men, these Gods amongst men are the perfect mix of confidence, personality, and of course gorgeous red hair. Enjoy just a few of the most known ones and please feel free to tell us your favourite!

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