12 Halloween Costumes For Redheads

  ·  28th October 2016

Halloween is about to knock at your door, do you have your costume ready? If not we thought we can give you some inspiration, here are few options to choose from!


Mystique from X-Men

If you want to turn heads then you desperately need this  Mystique costume. Her body might be blue but her hair is bright red. Any takers?


Chucky from “Child's Play”

Before you say anything, we know this Chuckie thing haunted your whole childhood BUT now it’s time for payback baby! BUHAHUHHAAA


Merida from “Brave”

Ladies are you ready to flip your hair like you just don’t care? The green Merida costume will get that gorgeous ginger hair to stand out even more!


Ron Weasley from “Harry Potter”

You know secretly everything you want is to be Ron Weasley this Halloween. Let’s just accept it!


Charmander from Pokémon

Cute, come on we all want a bit of Pokemon cuteness on Halloween, right?


Jessica Rabbit

I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way… We just need a bit of Jessica’s sass in here!



Who wants to be a combination between sexy and mad? Dexter is a killer choice!


Poison Ivy

So many people to kill… so little time… Fancy a bit of Poison?


Yosemite Sam

Yhaaaaa, a funky crazy cowboy fits just perfectly in the picture!


Ariel The Little Mermaid

There is no way you wouldn’t want to be the pretty little Mermaid this Halloween!


Ygritte from Game of Thrones

Yes please,  the sexy naughty redhead ? I’m in for a Ygritte costume this year!


Wilma Flintstone and Fred Flintstone

If you are a couple then we thought some oldie but goldie Flinstone  charm would hit the spot!


Hope we inspired you this  enough to pick one of the costumes above. If you did then send us some of your photos and stories. Happy Halloween!

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