21 Questions With Redheads Anonymous’s Elisabeth Ness, Part 1

  ·  19th May 2016

Recently we had the opportunity to speak with the creator of the web comedy Redheads Anonymous about things related to the production and about herself! For those of you unfamiliar with the show it’s an independent comedy series about trying to get a Redhead Scholarship. Feel free to check out the series itself or learn more about it over at their website here! Now, without further ado here’s 21 Questions with Redheads Anonymous’s Elisabeth Ness, Part 1.


What are 5 words that would describe you?

Passionate, dedicated, quirky, hard-working, and tired!


Where would you go in a time machine?

“If I had a time machine… I’d probably go and convince Hitler’s parents not to copulate. No point in killing him if you can stop it at the source!”


If you would have any other power besides being a ginger, what it would be?

“I’ve always loved the idea of having the ability to stop time. I realized it’s kind of a catch 22, though because you’re aging a lot faster than everyone around you. I’m definitely sticking with the superpower and embracing the aging though”


What makes you laugh the hardest?

Being truthfully surprised! When someone comes out with a very truthful bit that hits home and it catches you off-guard, there’s nothing quite as amazing as that feeling.


Michael Fassbender or Benedict Cumberbatch?

I’ve got talent crushes on both of them!


Why "Redheads Anonymous"; who chose the name?

I chose the name, I wanted to create a show for myself that had a tenacious driven lead character in a comedy. I also knew that I don’t usually get to perform with any other redheads because there’s an unspoken rule in the industry that you can’t have more than one redhead in a production. I did some research to find a story-line that could have a bunch of gingers together and I discovered the Redhead Scholarship and I thought to myself, “how could you not write a comedy about that?”


What surprises do you have in store for us in the next season? Any inside juice you can share with us?

I wouldn’t want to be a tease… But next season expands on our story, delving further into our four lead characters, and introducing some awesome new ones!


What would be the best recognition that you could receive for Redheads Anonymous?

Honestly, I love awards and festivals but the best recognition is anytime someone comes up to me and tells me that it’s made a difference to them personally. When they tell me that seeing redheads, tenacious women, or some aspect of “outsiders” has made them feel better because their lives were represented or their story was being told… that’s why we do what we do.


If you would be able to add any actor to your show which one would it be?

Honestly, if I could add anyone, Felicia Day would be one of the top choices right there, immediately. I hope she’s reading this!


Sex and the City or Friends?

Sex and the City, for sure!


What are you most excited for these days?

Getting to collaborate with awesome people! When there’s that energy in the room, it’s intoxicating!


Who’s your favorite ginger and why?

My favorite ginger is Queen Elizabeth. She forged paths, she was not afraid to be strong, and she owned her power.

We’ll be back next week with part 2, and another 9 questions with Elisabeth Ness!

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