21 Questions With Redheads Anonymous’s Elisabeth Ness, Part 2

  ·  26th May 2016

Recently we had the opportunity to speak with the creator of the web comedy Redheads Anonymous about things related to the production and about herself! For those of you unfamiliar with the show it’s an independent comedy series about trying to get a Redhead Scholarship. Feel free to check out the series itself or learn more about it over at their website here! Now, without further ado here’s 21 Questions with Redheads Anonymous’s Elisabeth Ness, Part 2.


What’s the best joke you've heard about redheads?

I really loved one of the jokes we use in Episode 3 which was inspired by our survey for redheads (There’s one for non redheads too!) we have on our website about how people feel about their hair. A ton of people have been filling it out with gorgeous, heartwarming stories but a number of people in a row chose to say that they had been called a carrot top and their response was always saying, “that’s stupid, the top of a carrot is green!”


What was it like growing up being a redhead, were you teased about it?

One of my friends used to be teased about it. She and I would ride the bus together and she would always get picked on because her hair was much redder than mine. On the one hand, I would try to defend her; on the other hand, she was totally capable of defending herself!


What gave you the idea for Redheads Anonymous?

A big part of it was wanting to be able to perform with other redheads. Eventually, I discovered that there was an actual Redhead Scholarship and couldn’t help but make a story about it! I also thought the name Redheads Anonymous was hilarious, and fit so perfectly.


How do you like to de-stress?

To de-stress I love to read, go dancing, play piano, sing, watch movies, watch television, really, a wide variety of things! There’s a ton of great comedy out there and I love to watch comedy, it’s an amazing way to relax. I also really enjoy hanging out with friends, I’m a connector and I love to connect people and meet new folks.


We know you are an amazing singer, too; so, if you would be able to sing a duet with anyone, with whom it would be?

I think that Jonathan Coulton and I should do one! Also, Tim Minchin; he’s a redhead and I would love to work with him!


What's your favorite curse word?

That changes all the time! When I was young my dad would tell me not to curse, because I would have to get used to changing my language to make it more appropriate around kids. This turned into a really fun game to find silly ways to curse; my grandmother’s favorite is “cheese and crackers!”


When was the most nervous you ever been?

The most nervous? Oh my, I’m an actor, I’m nervous all the time! Actors are always making fools of ourselves in the most public ways possible so you really have to come to terms with being nervous and putting yourself out there.


What's the good and the bad part of having a show?

The good part is… having a show! You can look at the living and breathing thing that has an effect on other people; they watch and laugh and relate, and it’s beautiful! The bad part is all the work. Having the show is really time consuming and when you think the work is over there’s always more to do!


Do you have a ritual before you start filming for your show?

The best ritual to have is to get on the same page as all your collaborators and make sure everyone’s ready to go into it together. A healthy sense of humor on a production is always appreciated. One of my favorite phrases I got from my high school choir teacher. He used to tell us all the time, “again, with less suck!”

We hope you’ve all enjoyed this interview with the creator of Redheads Anonymous, Elisabeth Ness! As always, if there’s anyone you would like us to try and interview or anything you think we should write about, email us!

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