5 Fun Facts About Being a Redhead

  ·  22nd June 2016

You’ve heard us tell you why you should date a ginger but we’re back with some more fun facts about gingers because hey, we can’t quite get enough! We know how unique they are but the list of interesting things that come along with MC1R just never seem to end! So, without further ado, here are X fun facts about being a redhead!



Let’s be honest here, we should’ve mentioned this in why you should date a ginger because hey, they’re honestly irresistible. When you get a stunning redheaded beauty looking you in the eyes and you s


They Stand Out

Next time you’re in a crowded room of people stop and look around, you’re going to see all kinds of shades of blond and brown but if there’s even a single redhead they’ll stand out! Red hair not only looks unique but it’s very noticeable in crowded places, you’re sure to never see a redhead slip into the crowd.


They Attract Some Interesting Characters

Maybe it’s a combination of the pale skin and fiery red hair but for some reason the strangest people have no problem approaching redheads. They’re always the first to make a comment or say something a bit off but just about every redhead knows how to deal with these types!


It’s the Fiery Personality, I Swear!

You may have heard us talk about redheads fiery personalities in our post about why you should date a ginger but it’s twofold here. While they may have fiery personalities they’re damn witty and won’t be afraid to use it as a cover up if needed. They’ve got a scape goat for just about anything, just blame it on their inner flame!


Ginger Pride!

Not only are redheads proud of their hair, they hold parties to show it off! You’ve seen us write about ginger pride rallies all over, you never hear about blond or brunette, there you go gingers! When we say gingers know how to party we aren’t kidding!

We hope you’ve enjoyed 5 fun facts about being a ginger. Tell us your favorite fun facts in the comments below!

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