5 Reasons You Should Date a Ginger

  ·  31st March 2016

Header Photo By: Dicas De Mulheres

We all know that with fiery red hair comes a fiery red passion but there are many more reasons you should date a ginger. Gingers are unique, kind, and sexy among other things, all making them great choices for a partner.  Just in case we haven’t quite convinced you, here are more 5 reasons you should date a ginger:

1. Gingers are incredibly unique

Gingers are among the most unique people in the world. The gene that gives ginger their fiery red locks is among a host of other recessive genes that just aren’t very common anymore. Another one of these recessive genes, left-handedness, is surprisingly common among redheads. The redhead and blue eyes combination is another recessive pair that is actually one of the rarest combos in the world!

Redhead Blue Eyes

2. They look good at any age

When gingers age they don’t go from red to gray, they go from their fiery beauty to a golden red and finally a radiant silver. This often times gives aged gingers another beautifully unique physical quality even at old age.

Redhead man


3. Their fiery personality

While you might be reading these reasons and learning some new reasons exactly why gingers are attractive the truth is that they don’t need someone to explain this to them. Gingers know what they’ve got is red hot and they won’t lie to you about it, their confidence will be unmatched among other partners you’ll have.


4. They’re kind

While they are confident you’ll never meet a ginger who’s rude about it. Their own beauty is matched solely by their humbleness, if you’ve ever wanted a man who will gladly hold a door open for you then look no further.

Redhead Guy


5. The sex is better

While everything we’ve mentioned in this post has been great if we’re being completely honest here one great thing about gingers is the sex. It’s been scientifically proven and published in an article by Psychology Today that redheads do indeed have more fun. This can range from a higher sex drive to a greater sensitivity in bed, one night with a ginger will leave you sure that their passion burns as red hot as their hair.

Ginger Girl

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