5 Things you Learned Growing up as a Redhead

  ·  12th October 2017

As a redhead you probably heard and saw it all growing up, more so than other people at least. To say there weren’t some iconic moments of being a redhead would be a lie and I think we can all agree, some were good and some weren’t. Regardless, here are 5 things you learned growing up as a redhead.



Honestly, we’ve told you this a million times and you know it from experience but the sunburn is by far the quickest lesson learned and probably one harshest.


You almost feel connected with other redheads

There’s something about being a redhead that just gives you a connection to other redheads. It’s something as small as an instant conversation starter or something as big as the one of the keys to the success in your relationship!


You’ve got a love hate relationship with your freckles

You’ve heard complements and insults about your freckles but ultimately you’ve learned to love them. In the beginning they were probably a nuisance to you but over time you’ve grown fonder of them because they’re a part of what makes you, you.


People that love gingers REALLY love gingers

We’ve told you before, gingers are super rare so it’s no wonder people act like they’ve found buried treasure when they fall in love with one. Honestly, there’s a good chance that’s why you’re here so more power to you but either way, I’m sure you can all relate to this one.


There were some terrible jokes

It seems like everyone has a joke to make about gingers and 90% of the time they’re all terrible! Come on, ‘carrot top,’ the top of a carrot is green dammit! Most of the jokes were unoriginal to say the least but that doesn’t make them any less ridiculous.

There are probably hundreds of unique aspects to the childhood of someone as unique as a redhead but this was definitely at least 5 things you learned growing up as a redhead. What was your biggest childhood memory as a redhead? Let us know in the comments below!

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