5 Unrealistic Expectations in a Relationship

  ·  15th May 2018

In the modern world you often see love twisted into strange scenarios created by Hollywood. The truth is relationships don’t often take on the perfect scenarios we often see in movies but that’s not a bad thing!  Sometimes, the rough times in a relationship are the best but to help make things a bit easier, here are 5 unrealistic expectations in a relationship.


You’ll Never Fight

We’ll be honest with you, you’re not always going to see eye to eye with your significant other. Maybe its politics, maybe its dinner but either way you’re probably going to fight over something and it’s not the end of the world!


You’ll Get all Their Free Time

While this seems like a no brainer there are some people that have the expectation that you’ll get all of your lover’s free time and attention which is not only wrong but also unfair. Sometimes you just need to relax by doing whatever it is you enjoy doing and that doesn’t always involve your other half.


Neither of you will ever notice anyone else

Another common idea is that once you’re in a relationship you or your significant other will never check out another man or woman again. In all honesty, you’ll still admire other people for their beauty but odds are that’s it, don’t over think it.


People Don’t Change, Much.

There’s a degree to which people just don’t change, yeah some people might learn to be cleaner or read more often but people’s core personalities and traits are their own. Don’t expect someone else to change everything about themselves because odds are, some of those things just won’t change, no matter how good the relationship is.


This is Your Relationship

Finally, remember; this is your relationship, not your best friends, not that random overly clingy couple on Facebook’s. You’ll see pictures and hear stories about other people’s romantic getaways or catastrophic failures but that’s other people and this is you, don’t try and make them one and the same.

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