7 Best Places for a First Date

  ·  13th August 2016

When it comes to the first date it can be a difficult time regardless of who you are, finding that perfect spot to try and impress someone is tough! One thing to always keep in mind when you’re choosing your first date stop is to keep it social. To give you a hand here are the 7 best places for a first date!


Public Parks

If you watch any romance movie, read any romance novel, or talk to anyone who considers themselves a hopeless romantic you can be sure the park is going to come up. Although there isn’t much going on there it’s nice to be able to have a walk and get to know someone. If you know there’s a mutual interest in a sport have a crack at that!


Fairs, Festivals, and Markets

A fair, festival, or market is always an awesome choice for a first date, there’s tons of stuff going on and not to mention the food! It’s an easy place to spend a lot of time without even thinking about it but a word of caution, be careful if you have a shy date!


Beaches, pools, and lakes

Everyone loves the water and it’s an awesome place to just hang out and relax! A little side note for all you redheaded beauties though, don’t forget your sunscreen!


Malls or Shopping Centers

While everyone might not enjoy shopping it’s a nice place to go to simply kill time and you can always fill in awkward silences by talking about things you find! Either way, picking an area with more shops offers more variety and hopefully something everyone’s interested in.


Coffee Shops

In our opinion, one of the best possible first dates is simply going to a coffee shop since it’s a low stress atmosphere and it’s easy to talk. You can really get to know your date over a cup of coffee and establish common interests or evaluate your overall interest in that person.


Bars or Clubs

While it isn’t exactly the best location for a first date, sometimes you just need a little social lubricant to get the conversation flowing. After a few drinks you and your new soul mate could be dancing up a storm or delving into a deep conversation, who knows!

No matter where you go on your first date, try and pick something social. You’ll always have better luck if you get to sit down and get to know the other person. We hope you found these 7 best places for a first date helpful, tell us about your favorite first date locations or how these have worked for you in the comments below!

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