7 Questions You Should Never Ask A Ginger

  ·  21st April 2016

Header: Ginger and Rosa

We have all been there and have all felt like killing someone when they start asking these kinds of questions!


Do the carpets match the drapes?

Is pubic hair one of your favourite topics?


Can I call you Ginger or Red or Ginge or Fire Crotch?

Why, is my name so difficult to remember?


Would you ever think of dying your hair?

Come again? No honey, I am ginger for life!


Why are you putting on so much sunscreen?

Because I have delicate skin and I’m not an idiot, idiot!


I heard Redheads have crazy tempers, is that true?

Are you willing to find out? Ask me again then.


Ginger, huh? Are you Irish?

Yes, and I have a pet Leprechaun called Patrick. Obviously.


Omg you really look like [insert name of any redhead celebrity on earth].

Oh my god, like all the time. Because we all look alike, of course.

Of course we all know that red is the most beloved hair colour (and no, of course we’re not biased). But the next time you get harrassed with inane and stupid questions like this, just point them to this article (and remind them of point #5). Then remember: we have Special Powers!

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