7 Struggles Every Ginger Goes Through

  ·  12th June 2018

We are special, ok?!  We are 2% of the population, for God’s sake! So basically we can’t get more unique. But as we all know, being special is not always the most amazing thing ever. Anything out of the ordinary, and people tend to behave differently.

Many times we have received jeers and catcalls… About our red hair, pale skin, freckles, our souls (yes, I’ve actually heard that one on repeat!!), and the list is never-ending. Ginger people will completely understand the struggles of being a redhead and here are few of them!



It's a joke, you need a better sense of humor!

You are supposed to never be offended, no matter how offensive the joke is! Because, you know, it’s about redheads and since you are a ginger, of course you need to laugh! Here is the perfect example!


Who's your favorite, Ariel or Merida? I actually think you look a bit like Merida!

Oh god, I don’t know, I don’t care…refer to struggle number 5!


Is it true that you are hot tempered?



"Oh god, I am so pale as well"... says every friend you have!

Nope, you are not. I love you very much but you are not pale. I saw your pictures from your last holiday and you have that gorgeous golden tan that I have NEVER had or EVER will. Thanks!!!


Does the carpet match the drapes?

Cringy, creepy, annoying!  No, just no, hell no!  Never ask such a thing, ever!


Omg, look it's you in that commercial... Heard every single ginger ever!

I know we are 2% of the entire population but I promise you, there are more of us in this country besides me and the guy/girl from that commercial!


Soul?...What's that?

Seriously, my brain shuts down automatically whenever I hear yet another person telling me… “Oh, have you seen  South Park? Is it true, gingers have no souls?”


There are numerous situations where we struggle as redheads and we bet you have been in at least 50% of the ones we listed. Let us know in the comments which were the craziest for you!

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