Adele announces that she wouldn’t date a fellow ginger

  ·  14th March 2011

Adele, who is officially One Of Us (i.e. a ginger), and a very talented singer to boot, has apparently stated that she would never date a ginger man for fear of overpowering the gene pool.

The worrying news broke on the gossip section of Dublin-based radio station 98FM’s website, where she was talking about the man who inspired her multi-platinum selling album and how gutted he must be to have dumped her now that she’s successful.

Of course, everybody is entitled to a snipe at a former lover when that lover has caused pain, but we simply can’t support Adele’s blanket ban on a ginger rencontre. The ginger gene may be strong, but it is nonetheless her duty as a ginger to assist the survival of our endangered species by at least being open to the idea of a crimson love affair. She should be red from shame.

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