Gingers dominate Brit Awards: Ed Sheeran, Adele and Florence & The Machine battle it out for Best Album

  ·  16th January 2012

Last week the nominations for this year’s Brit Awards were announced, and looking at the list of nominees there is a very distinct ginger flavour about the whole event. In particular, the Best Album category is completely dominated by redheads, with Ed Sheeran, Adele and Florence & The Machine all up for the award, along with PJ Harvey and Coldplay. Though even Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin has a touch of the strawberry blonde about him, leaving only PJ Harvey to stand alone in the circle of copper tops.

Of course this can only serve to enhance the popularity of red hair over the coming weeks, in what has already been quite a positive 12 months for redheads. Ignoring Katy Perry’s ill-advised faux-pas in which she insinuated her red dye job mistake was the biggest catastrophe since hurricane Katrina, a good number of celebrities have enjoyed admiration and adulation for sporting red locks in 2011. With Ed Sheeran teaming up with Rupert Grint on the music video for Lego House, an entire swathe of adoring teenage girls (and boys) have also been turned on to the joys of red hair for the first time.

More importantly though, this recognition of ginger musical talent could also help enhance the redheads’ reputations as more than just fiery mood-swingers. Given the talent on display at this year’s Brit nominations, it proves beyond doubt that gingers can be sensitive and artistic too. With all due respect to PJ Harvey (who is a massive talent too, of course), we will be flying the ginger flag at this year’s event. High and proud.

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