Gingers sweep the Oscars

  ·  23rd February 2015

Isn’t it funny how the world works? In the last few months there has been a bit of a build-up of semi-serious articles about how redheads have been overlooked at the Oscars over the years (hint: they haven’t), and then – just like buses – two come along at once.

At last night’s Academy Awards 2015, the two leading acting gongs were both picked up by redheads. Eddie Redmayne won for his outstanding portrayal of Stephen Hawking in the critical smash-hit The Theory of Everything, while Julianne Moore (often one of the leading subjects of articles suggesting redheads are overlooked) scooped up a gong for her stunning performance in Still Alice, in which she plays the part of a woman with early-onset Alzheimer’s.

Julianne Moore Oscar 2015

Julianne Moore struggles to make obvious how happy she is about her well-deserved Oscar win

Eddie Redmayne with Oscar for Best Actor 2015

Eddie Redmayne wielding his weapon in triumph. What? Oh stop it, your mind is a cesspit. Not THAT weapon, we meant the Oscar for Best Actor!


There is plenty of written word around the web today about the merits of each actor’s success, but at Hot For Ginger we are obviously particularly happy and proud to see two leading lights of the redhead celebrity fold shining so brightly on such a high-profile stage. Already contenders for 2015’s Ginger of the Year Awards, we extend our full-blooded, fiery congratulations to them both.

If you haven’t already, please go and see the movies. If you need any convincing, have a look at the trailers below and remember: Hollywood loves gingers!


We couldn’t think of a sensible way of weaving this into the article so we’re just dumping it at the end.


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