Hot For Ginger sister site for over 50s singles launches

  ·  29th March 2016

Hot Forever, a new online dating service for senior singles over the age of 50, has launched today in seven countries.

Aimed at the fun-loving older generation who are looking to spend their retirement living life to the fullest,¬†the site launches with over two million members acquired steadily¬†over the last five years, and intends to promote a positive outlook on what are widely referred to as the autumn years of a person’s life. The site is free to join and will also be supported by an active Facebook page.

Launching in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, South Africa and New Zealand, Hot Forever is the latest website to be launched under the “Hot For… Dating” brand, which also includes Hot For Ginger, Hot For Curves, Hot For Blonde and Hot For Adam.

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