Hot For Ginger website relaunches

  ·  21st December 2014

in 2015, Hot For Ginger will be celebrating its 5th birthday as the world’s number 1 dating website for redheads. So what better way to mark such a milestone than with a brand new design and expansion into 5 new countries? Yes, from 2015 Hot For Ginger will be available not only to ginger lovers from the UK and USA but also Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa. This will make Hot For Ginger the biggest global ginger dating site and community in existence, and we are very excited!

But not only that, we have dramatically upgraded the design. When the original website launched, the iPhone was still only a baby at 3 years old. Since then, mobile phones have become the mini computers that we carry with us everywhere, all the time. This has changed our browsing habits and Hot For Ginger’s new fully responsive design is built to accommodate the new digital consumption model. In the past year, more than 57% of our visitors have landed on our page with a mobile device, and now that same majority can enjoy a fully optimised experience when they visit us.

Beyond design, the new site has also been improved and optimised in a number of ways that will make it faster, more secure and much more fun to use. Deeper social media integration has been introduced and our already-busy Facebook page has been integrated into the main website more tightly than ever before. In addition, we have expanded into new social media channels such as Pinterest with further channels coming soon.

The new design will be rolled out across the entire Hot For Dating network over the coming weeks, but for now please enjoy the new-look Hot For Ginger and by all means give us your feedback on our Facebook page!

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