HotForGinger to announce new project at Redhead Day UK

  ·  12th September 2016

You might’ve heard, in the days leading up to Redhead Day UK, that we have an exciting announcement to make during the event. We wanted to give our faithful blog followers a sneak peak of what’s in store before next week’s festivities begin. During our session at 13:45, we’re going to give you the inside look at the only way you can follow the HotForGinger pub crawl through the streets of London that evening.

While we can’t quite give everything away let’s just say that your smartphone will be a little more ginger-flavoured by the time we’re done. And no, we’re not planning on putting your phone into a curry. Just make sure you tune in to the website and Facebook pages on the day if you can’t make it to the daytime event. If not, you’ll miss out on the evening’s activities!

If you are able to come to the event then make sure to catch some of the excellent activities on show prior to our reveal. You can catch some great personalities and acts like Sheya Lily, Redbeard Beatboxing, and so many more throughout the day! We hope you’re all getting as excited as we are for Redhead Day UK this weekend and, especially, our big announcement. See you there!

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