International Kiss A Ginger Day: January 12th 2019

  ·  8th January 2019
Kiss A Ginger Day 2019 - girl puckering for a kiss
Show some love on Kiss A Ginger Day

The annual celebration of redheads called Kiss A Ginger Day is upon us again, and it’s been 10 years since the inaugural event so this is a big one!

What is Kiss A Ginger Day?

Kiss A Ginger Day was initially started as a Facebook group in response to the November 2008 creation of a Kick A Ginger campaign, also on Facebook. The latter resulted in numerous ginger kids being assaulted at school, stirring international outrage and condemnation. In response, January 12th was chosen as a day dedicated to a much more peace-loving activity aimed towards redheads. Since then, it’s become bigger and bigger each year with redheads around the world celebrating the day, and both celebrities and brands getting in on the action too.

In 2017 it even got a mention in UK Parliament.

Party like a redhead

At Hot For Ginger we’re all about love for redheads so we throw our full support behind Kiss A Ginger Day every year. Since 2015 we have been hosting a party in London on or around the 12th January where redheads and their friends can assemble to share a few drinks and have a good time. This year is no exception, and is our biggest yet: we’re hosting a party called Big Ginger Night Out at London’s famous Roadhouse in Covent Garden.

Big Ginger Night Out - Kiss A Ginger Day 2019
A party for redheads in central London. Music, drinks, laughter and fun!

The event will be hosted by showgirl Ivy Paige, who made a splash in 2018 as a contestant on The Voice UK where she famously made Olly Murs blush on national television:

Ivy Paige flirts with Olly Murs on The Voice UK

Tickets are free and can be got from either Eventbrite or Facebook:

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