Is Ireland’s Population Really Red Hot?

  ·  25th April 2016

While you’re bound to find your ginger goddess in many different places in the world but there are two in particular that you’ve got an even better chance of finding them. While Gingers make up only 2% of the world’s population many people believe you’re going to find the majority of that in Ireland. While this is somewhat true it’s not completely the answer, we’ll look to tell you, is Irelands population really red hot.

There’s a constant debate between the population of redheads in Ireland and Scotland and who has more. Some will say it’s 10% each, some say Scotland is much higher, others say it’s simply the luck of the Irish and you couldn’t even come close. We looked at the info and read what we could, we decided that it doesn’t really matter, it just means there’s more beautiful gingers in the UK and Ireland than anywhere else in the world.

Eupedia gives out percentages and displays them on a beautiful map that illustrates that Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have the three highest populations of redheads respectively. Overall we could tell you that if you’re looking for your redheaded love you should move to one of those three locations but in all honesty we’ve made it easy for you to find one you’re interested in. With that being said, keep in mind the origin of most of these beautiful people as you strike up a conversation.

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