Keep Cool With These Top 5 Sunscreens for Redheads!

  ·  22nd July 2016

We’re in the height of our summer months and if you haven’t already taken to the beach you’re probably planning a trip soon. While you’re there don’t forget to wave to the redheads worst enemy, the sun. Don’t worry, though, redheads, all is not lost! Keep cool with these top 5 sunscreens for redheads.



It seems a little silly to mention Coppertone along with a lot of these other brands but you can’t discount the tried and true! Most of us probably grew up using Coppertone and it’s only gotten better over the years. If you’re looking for something solid and reliable they’re definitely a great choice!



If you’re looking for another organic and healthy sunscreen the Drunk Elephant from Umbra is a great choice as well. One of their big selling points is the lack of Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates which, if you’re totally clueless to like myself, are all bad things! The Drunk Elephant sunscreen is going to give you some solid SPF 30 protection while rejuvenating your skin in the process.



You hear a lot about harmful chemicals being used in sunscreen all the time but COOLA makes sure to keep it as close to organic as they can get! Their sunscreen is made from Cucumber, Algae, Strawberry Extracts, and Red Raspberry Seed Oil to make sure you’re only putting healthy products on your skin! For once you’ll be protected from the sun and nourish your skin at the same time.



If the Vichy sunscreen wore off in the water then you should turn to Shiseido which actually gets stronger from being in the water! The Shiseido is a great choice to keep you cool while you’re out enjoying the hot sun no matter what you’re doing and hey, it’s SPF 50!



The Vichy sunscreen is a solid choice for anyone planning to brave the sun. It comes with great marks for repelling harmful UV rays from the sun and a bunch of good stuff to make sure it isn’t making you break out afterwards! With ample Vitamin E the Vichy sunscreen is certainly a great choice for the beach but don’t spend too long in the water or you’ll end up red!

So, in the end we’ll be honest here, most redheads will probably get burnt regardless of the sunscreen they’re using but it’s good to try none the less! Hopefully you’re able to keep cool with one of these top 5 sunscreens for redheads!

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