Mark Elliott Returns With Another Red Hot Song

  ·  30th June 2016

If you recall the up and coming Mark Elliott from one of our earlier posts you’ll remember is first single “Dead End Love Affair.” The talented ginger musician is back at it again with his second track “Drink to Thunk” and it’s just as good as the last! To accompany his new song we stopped to ask him a few questions and get some inside information his music making process!

If you don’t believe us about his music, have a listen for yourself at how Mark Elliott returns with another red hot song while you read his responses below!



When did you first get involved with music and what was the moment you decided you wanted to make a career out of it?

“I’ve Been playing music for years but it wasn’t until 22 that I went full time with it. I think the main motivation for me was realizing I was never gonna be happy until I was doing something I loved for a living – I suppose it’s sort of gone totally the other way now and I spend every waking minute (and some sleeping ones) thinking about music.”


What’s the best and worst part about putting together your own album?

“I love the entire process – although I think the worst part for me is the finishing off, it seems like you can get something to 90% pretty quickly but then the last couple of lines, the last little bits of production etc seem to really take a long time with me. It’s easy to over-think it and I think you just have to learn when to say ‘it’s done’. I love the moment of conception – when I first put the music and the lyrics together in a way that I like, I can’t sit still – it’s like a drug, I can’t describe it.  It then immediately becomes like a crossword puzzle that I can’t do or think of anything else until it’s solved.”


Where do you get inspiration from for your music?

“Whatever I’m listening to and probably more importantly whatever new musical concepts I’m working on will find their way into my songs. Lyrically I’m a bit obsessed – I carry a notebook everywhere and scribble down every little thing that I see, do, or that pops into my head so I don’t lose anything. When I’m writing a lot I always find it’s because I’m reading a lot at the same time so there are always words and phrased to work with.”


What’s your favorite ginger joke?

“What’s the difference between a ginger and a vampire?

One is a pale blood sucking creature of the night……the other is a vampire”

As always, it’s good to hear such amazing talent from the redhead community. Feel free to follow Mark on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you think of the song in the comments below!

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