New Redhead? Let us tell you What to Expect

  ·  5th June 2016

You may have read in a previous post that we should embrace fake redheads and in that spirit we wanted to give them a heads up on what to expect as they begin to adventure with their newly found fiery beauty. While you instantly gain attractiveness, most “fake” redheads don’t expect many of the things that come along with it.


Seeing the Friends for the First Time

You can’t wait to show off your new hair and you let literally everyone you know start to see it and, oh my is it awesome. The complements rain in because, let’s be honest here, going red instantly made you that much hotter. Suddenly, friends that never paid too much attention can’t focus around you, it’s like magic!


Running Into Strangers

It may be your first time out since dying your hair and suddenly strangers are taking a new notice to you, after all the red hair does make you stand out in a crowd. You’re guaranteed to turn some heads this way but this is where the part most people don’t expect comes in.


Welcome to Being a Redhead

What most people don’t expect is that with the red hair comes the jokes associated with it. Get ready for friends and strangers to say things like “fire crotch” or “Does the carpet match the drapes?” which is only a slight taste at some of the discrimination redheads receive. While this does make it slightly less fun we’re sure you’re probably still enjoying your new hair


Let’s be Honest Here, You Still Love It

In the end, red hair is almost addictive. Many of the people who dye it choose to never go back, take a look at Amy Adams or Emma Stone. While the comments and are rude and a bit obnoxious the perks of being a redhead are just too great to deny.

Emma Stone Redhead Amy Adams Redhead

When you finally decide to take that step and dye your hair red for the first time it can be tough to know what to expect. The occasional rude comment hardly even compares to the new head turning powers you’ve suddenly inherited from your new hair.

Hopefully we’ve given you an idea of what to expect with your new hair, feel free to leave a comment below telling us about your experience changing color what prospective redheads should expect!

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