Redheads : 5 Colors You Look Sexy in!

  ·  5th December 2017

Gingers natural or not will always look absolutely amazing in some specific colors. So if you have a hot date or a special event you want to go to and you are kinda stuck, well here are few ideas to help you out!



The shades of nude blends absolutely beautiful with pale skin and highlights your gorgeous red hair. Here you have an example of Isla Fisher on red carpet wearing a nude gown!



Probably purple is one of the popular colors around redheads. The contrast between the purple shades with pale skin and red hair it’s unmissable!



Yep, we know, redheads with red neahhh. Let us prove you wrong, from bright red to burgundy, you just need to find your perfect shade. Have a look at Christina Hendricks and you will understand that red it’s made for reds!



Eddie Redmayne is definitely proving that blue shades are gorgeous on redheads, it’s a must have indeed!



Green is one of the colors that will never fail you, from emerald to teal, these shades combined with red hair equals pure perfection. Here you have the gorgeous Marcia Cross, one of her red carpet looks!

Of course, there are plenty of other colors that would suit you and your red looks. We would love you to send us pictures with breakthrough colors that match your red hair and pale skin. We will feature you in new blog post, send your pictures via Facebook or Twitter and we shall share your ideas.

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