Redheads: Flattering colours every ginger can wear!

  ·  10th July 2018

Hi, so back again for another chat this time my thoughts have gone to colours, as a Redhead I was often given advice by people about colours I can and cannot wear because of my hair colour and for a long time I listened, but as I got older I started trying the forbidden colours and loved them my hair wasn’t a problem it heightened the look, I mean she might just be a cartoon but Jessica rabbit as a redhead with that red dress was a striking look that many people love or have tried to replicate, (yes even as a cartoon I love her think she adds to the sassiness of us redheads)

So red hair means any colour you want because you will own it, but then my mind went onto what do these colours do to us mentally so the psychology effect… I know you thought I would leave the geeky stuff out, I can’t resist a good bit of geek getting loose. Don’t worry I won’t list all the colours just the main colours so Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

Let’s start with Yellow, well I always thought it was a happy colour but would seem every colour has good and bad affects an example is an experiment that found babies in a yellow room cried more than when they were not … so maybe not so happy on the brain… yes your reaction and others to you positive or negative could actually be to do with the colours you are wearing, but I am drifting off back to colours. Yellow the positives of friendliness, joy, and creativity the negatives irritable, anxiety and anger. Red my favourite colour makes me feel sassy and let’s face it every woman needs to feel that once in a while so the positives energy, love and intensity the negatives defiance, aggression and strain, but to me Red is passionate and sexy just like every redhead. Blues positives are calmness, loyalty and focus. The negatives can include cold, uncaring and unfriendly I find Blue is fresh but can see why it could be seen as cold. Lastly, Green positives fertility, natural and tranquillity the negatives envy, blandness and boredom.


This list is not all the colours or all the physiological effects but it is enough to get our brains ticking over on how colours can affect human behaviour and a little reminder that the human brain is a strong and powerful thing.

Till next time my beautiful redheads.

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