St Patrick’s Day and Redheads

  ·  17th March 2018

St Patrick’s Day celebrations are about to turn this weekend green. On the 17th March we celebrate Saint Patrick the Patron of Ireland according to Wikipedia, though in reality, we are celebrating red hair and beards across the globe.

St Patrick’s Day became an official holiday in Ireland in 1903 and it held its first parade in Waterford in the same year. Between 16-18th of March, we will enjoy lots of festivities, public parades and parties across the world.

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day properly you need to do three things:

Alcohol is the main ingredient to kick off the celebrations. A pint or two (or more) of Guinness specifically for authenticity. Even our royal Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and his beautiful wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge vouch for it!

Green is the Irish lucky colour, and who doesn’t want a bit of that famous luck. Partygoers on the day choose to wear the lucky colour in any way they can, from t-shirts to caps. Some even drink green beer from pubs that put food colouring in their beer to transform it to a lucky green colour.


Red hair/ beard is a must. As redheads, we claim St Patrick’s Day as a day of celebration of our ginger heritage. And it seems the rest of the world is following the trend with wigs and fake beards.

The Irish are often associated with red hair and many people believe that touching red hair is good luck because it’s so rare.

On this note, we urge you to go and buy some cans of Guinness, get your green hat and rock that red hair like no other on St Patrick’s Day.

Happy St Patrick’s Day, with love from all HotForGinger team. May the luck of the Irish be with you all!

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