Your Favorite Part about Being a Redhead

  ·  5th October 2016

We’ve written a lot about how great it is to be or be with a redhead but, like we’ve told you before, we’re a bit biased. Just to send any of your doubts up in flames check out Irish Central’s newest YouTube video where they ask, “what’s your favorite part about being a redhead?”

Following the recent redhead festival in Cork, Ireland, Irish Central took some time to interview some of the people that attended the festivities and figure out what their favorite parts of being a redhead were. Answers came in from people all over the world, both young and old and they were quite varied to say the least!

Some shared the usual responses like, “You can be feisty and no one is surprised by that.” Others were simply excited about the uniqueness of their red hair. Overall, all of them were happy to be in good company and enjoying the festivities.

It’s great to hear from redheads in Ireland but we would love to hear from you about what your favorite part of being a redhead is! Tweet at us or share with us in the comments below about your favorite aspects of being a redhead.

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